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2021 Virtual Ice Fishing Extravaganza

The Brainerd Jaycees, after consulting with state officials, have made the decision to continue forward with the annual charitable ice fishing contest in a virtual format. Officials have determined that due to the ongoing pandemic the most responsible choice is to continue the tradition of the Extravaganza in a different way, asking anglers to fish on any lake in Minnesota during the normal contest time and date.

“Safety of all involved is our main concern this year,” said event chairperson Benji Thoennes, “we know that the event will be different, but we hope to encourage everyone to get out fishing with their families and win some great prizes, which keeps in line with what the Extravaganza has always been about.”

How to win:

1) Register to participate in the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza on the FishDonkey app.

2) Catch a fish on January 30th, 2021 from noon-3:00 PM and record it with the FishDonkey app.

That’s it!

Catch a fish, win a truck!


Catch a fish, win an Ice Castle!

Q: How do I participate
A: Buy an Ice Fishing Extravaganza ticket at Fleet Farm, our website, or any participating location; or register on our partner app FishDonkey. If you buy a physical ticket, you must register your ticket on the FishDonkey app prior to the tournament. Register Here

Catch a fish, win a Polaris!

Q: Where can I fish?
A: Any body of water in Minnesota.

Catch a fish, win a Fleet Farm Gift Card!

Q: How will the winners be determined?
A: Each participant’s largest fish will be entered onto the leaderboard, and 150 eligible fish will win a prize.

Catch a fish, win a Strikemaster!

Q: How do I register my fish?
A: With our partner app FishDonkey, you must take a photograph of your fish caught during the tournament on a ruler to be eligible to win.

Catch a fish, win a Vexilar!

Q: What prizes will be awarded?
A: All 150 prizes listed on our website Extravaganza 2021 Prize List will be awarded. Over $150,000 in prizes!

Catch a fish, win a Mr. Heater!

Q: Will there be any prizes for the largest fish?
A: The three largest fish of each species will receive a 2021 Extravaganza Plaque and a 2022 Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza ticket. The size of your registered fish will not increase your odds to win a contest prize.

Catch a fish, win Radco Accessories!

Q: Which fish species are eligible for the tournament prizes and the largest fish awards?
A: Eligible species are: Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Sunfish, Tulibee (Cisco), and Crappie.

Catch a fish, win Extravaganza Cash!

Q: Do I have additional time to upload my fish if it is caught during the tournament, but not uploaded through the app before 3:00?
A: All fish registrations must be uploaded by 3:15pm on the day of the contest. All fish must be photgraphed between noon and 3:00. No fish registrations that finish uploading after 3:15pm will be eligible to win a prize. If you catch a fish outside of an area with internet service, you must return to an area that has reception to complete uploading your fish before 3:15.

Catch a fish, win a Clam ice shelter!


Catch a fish, win a Grand View Lodge Package!

Q: Are there other ways to win?
A: Yes! There are raffles with prizes including an Ice Castle fish house, Polaris ATV, and dozens of other great prizes. See our list of raffle outlets to purchase your $10 raffle ticket. Minnesota state law disallows online sales of raffle tickets.

Catch a fish, win an Aqua Vu!

Q: Is it really this easy to win a truck
A: Yes! Good luck!

Catch a fish, win 1 of 150 prizes!

Q: Will there still be a Catch of the Day Prize?

A: Yes! If you register a fish of the Catch of the Day species, and you have purchased a catch of the day sticker, you will be entered into an additional randomized prize drawing for the Catch of the Day prize. You will need to register your catch of the day sticker before the start of the contest.


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