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Extravaganza Hybrid Edition Day of Snapshot

The Contest

Tournament Map

FishDonkey App
All photos must be taken through the FishDonkey app during the live tournament. Be sure you have it downloaded on your mobile device.
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the app before Saturday. Watch this video to view our step-by-step guide on how to “practice entering a fish” before the tournament starts

Enter a Fish
All submissions must include at least three photographs:

1) A photo of your extravaganza ticket where the five-digit ticket number is legible

2) A photo of you holding the fish

3) A photo of the fish on a legal measuring board as described previously in rule 2.6. Close the fish’s mouth. The nose should touch the bump of the measuring board (the belly is facing you). The measurement photo needs to include the entire fish on the board. If the fish tail is touching or crosses the graduation line on the board then that measurement is rounded up to the next ¼” graduation.

Extra Large fish that exceed the length of a bump board or small fish that don’t reach the beginning of the graduation lines on the commercially-produced bump board should show a commercially produced, steel, rigid, measuring tape that begins at the tip of the fish’s nose bumped against a hard stop (like a wall or a cooler) and the tail pushed down to the tape measure. A video showing the length from tip to tail is required. Tape measure must be on the ground. Absolutely NO hands, fingers, or props are allowed under the fish to alter the fish for an official measurement.

Contest Rules
We’ve updated our rules. Before you hit the ice, take a moment to review the official rules on our website or view them in the FishDonkey app when you sign up for the tournament!

Official Rules – Virtual

Length to Points
This year we will be converting length to points. Shown in the image is an example of how it will work. All of these species are worth approximately 80 points. This allows for a chance for all species to be on the leaderboard. However, you won’t need to memorize these point values. When you catch a fish, you just need to enter the length to the nearest one-fourth-inch.

Length to Points Scale

We have two raffle prize drawings this year – Raffle A and Raffle B. Tickets can be purchased at Fleet Farm, outlet locations, and select lake accesses. Join us at Fleet Farm at 3 PM to watch a live feed of the raffle drawing and collect your prize.

Raffle Prize List

Catch of the Day
The Catch of the Day species for 2024 is the sunfish. Catch of the Day tickets are $10 and can be purchased at Fleet Farm, specific outlet locations, and Info/Will Call Booth.

Catch of the Day Prize Giveaway

TIEBREAKER: In the event two fish of the same point value are caught, the earlier-submitted fish will place above the later-submitted fish on the leaderboard. The FishDonkey app uses a time stamp upon pressing the “submit fish” button, that timestamp will be used for tiebreaker purposes.

Free parking is available at Brainerd International Raceway (5523 Birchdale Rd). Buses will stop at various accesses within the tournament site. Shuttling is available from 6 AM – 4 PM.

Info/Will Call Booth

  • Friday, 4 – 7 PM: Located at the Gichi Ziibi Center for the Arts (602 S 5th St, Brainerd)
  • Saturday, 6 AM – 2 PM: Located at Brainerd International Raceway (5523 Birchdale Rd)

You can purchase tickets at the info booth!

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